About Us

Water-Boss™ is a whole-house, spot and landscape water leak detection system that works in conjunction with an alarm system. This hidden system continuously monitors all water flow, detects leaks and sounds an alarm. Water-Boss™ will save the homeowner money on their insurance policy and protect against potential water and mold damage. Spot leak detection is set up to go through the alarm system.

This unique, easy-to-use patented system was designed by Mike Stachnik, owner of Water-Boss, LLC. Mike has 25 years in the alarm business offering expertise on both alarm systems and leak detection systems.

Below are the some important facts about this smart leak detection system: 

  • Super friendly, easy to use
  • Auto away/home (unoccupied/occupied)
  • Simple reset button
  • Installation in less than a day
  • Works with an alarm system
  • Fail-safe leak detection system
  • No periodic maintenance
  • Flow switch has no moving parts
  • Competitive pricing
  • Detects running toilets and irrigation leaks, unlike spot-type only detection systems
  • Multiple flow sensors with just one system to accommodate short or long flow times
  • Insurance companies offer incentive programs to policy holders that have leak detection systems in their homes
  • An energy saving output is provided as a trigger to control lighting, heating and other utilities to save the homeowner money when in the away mode
  • Five-year warranty

Please click here to download a pdf for more important facts.